Getting a Ticket is Frustrating, but Getting Rid of it Doesn't Have to Be!

Texas Approved Defensive Driving Ticket Dismissal Course

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Ticket Dismissal Course

This TDLR/TEA approved course is accepted by all courts in the state of Texas for the purpose of dismissing a speeding ticket or moving violation.

Certified Driving Record

Most courts require a copy of your driving record from the DPS. We can get a copy of your Type 3A record to you in as little as an hour.

Expedited Certificate Delivery

If you just can't wait for the mailman, we offer affordable two-day and overnight delivery options. Can't keep the court waiting!

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getting a ticket dismissed has never been simpler, easier...or more fun!

another reason to be glad you're a texan

Getting a ticket is never fun, no matter what state you live in. Fortunately, drivers in Texas can have citations dismissed by completing a defensive driving course. While that may not sound like fun either, it sure beats paying more for your insurance premiums and penalties for points on your driving record caused by a ticket. Defensive driving doesn’t sound so bad now, does it?

life a little hectic?

With everybody’s lives getting busier and busier, who has six hours to sit in a defensive driving class? Answer? Nobody! That’s where an online course from Texas Approved Defensive Driving can help. Instead of burning up the Saturday sitting in a classroom to get your defensive driving done, an online course allows you to work whenever and wherever you choose. Complete the course all at once or little bit at a time - it’s completely up to you. To make things even easier, our course can be completed on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

on the road to ticket dismissal

Taking our online course is easy. After a simple registration process, you can jump right into your course. The course is broken into eight units that are easy to complete and understand. Every unit ends with a review video and a 10 question multiple-choice quiz and there’s no final exam to worry about. You can log in and out as often as you wish, even move from device to device. No matter the gadget you pick up next, our autosave feature will take you right back to where you left off.

Two courses to choose from

Texas Approved Defensive Driving has two courses for you to choose from. They both contain the same information and are both recognized for ticket dismissal in any court. Our basic course utilizes humourous text interspersed with video to keep you engaged and entertained while learning all those things the state would like for you to know. If you would like to make your experience even easier, treat yourself to our 100% video course. It’s like dismissing your ticket by watching TV!

does saving money make you happy?

Okay, you’re right. Stupid question. Of course you do! Did you know that your ticket may actually make you money? At the end of your course, we will send you two copies of your completion certificate, one for the court and one for your insurance agent. There’s a very good chance that your insurance company offers a “safe driver” discount for their policyholders who have taken defensive driving. The combined three-year savings on your premiums will likely pay for the cost of the course and any court fees and put money back into your pocket. Making money from a ticket. Who knew?

Frequent Course Questions

Sometimes that court paperwork makes things more confusing than they really are. let's see if we can help

Yes, that’s exactly what you need. That answer didn’t help your confusion at all did it? The fact of the matter is, in Texas, a defensive driving course and a driving safety course are the same thing and, since they use the terms interchangeably, it is sometimes hard to know exactly what they mean. Whether your court calls it defensive driving or driver safety, the only thing that matters is that the course has been approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation like the course we offer with TDLR #CP280.

We made sure to jump through every approval hoop the state required so that you can jump through your court’s dismissal hoop with ease.

If you finish your course by 3 PM any weekday, it will be in the mail to you from Fort Worth that very afternoon. If you are afraid that the USPS won’t be able to deliver in time for your court date, we have several affordable overnight and two-day delivery options available as well.

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